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How to Stop a Cat From Biting?

  If your cat has not already been declawed, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss the possibility of declawing your cat. Declawing cats is not necessary for them, but it does remove the natural claw. This does not always result in the cat not wanting to bite anymore. It just means that they will have less protection around their joints if they must use their claws for gripping objects. It's sort of like an opposite-effects kind of situation. Now that we know more about the reasons why a cat might hurt itself or bite another person, let's talk about how to stop a cat from biting? First of all, keep your cat out of other people's belongings. The cat doesn't know the difference between yours and a neighbor's things and, therefore, won't be able to differentiate between your mail and someone else's. Also, keep your cat away from the places where you have been bitten before. Like, if you were attacked by a raccoon, don't let him bi
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What to Know About Cats?

  Cats have very independent minds. This means that they have their own thoughts and thinking processes, and they do not always respond to the ways of humans. Sometimes a cat might seem like it wants to play with you, but then it might stick to its own back or tail and pretend to ignore you. In other words, cats have their own personalities! They are also quite curious by nature, and if you show your cat curiosity, they will try to learn more about you. Like dogs, cats are members of the family group of mammals. But unlike dogs, cats do not necessarily live with their family in the same home. Instead, they go out on their own and look for food and water. They hunt for different kinds of prey on their own. A cat's sense of smell is more sensitive than ours is. So, when it comes to hunting, a cat would rather take the time to find the food itself than to chase after it and get caught. If the cat happens to catch something, it might be afraid of being caught and will run away. This is

About Cat Care

  If your cat is older and mobile, they might need more frequent baths. Their skin becomes dry and chafed, and their coat gets matted if it's not brushed regularly. And don't think for a second that the only thing you can do is to get your feline friend an animal clinic, there are other ways of cat care that you can do yourself, with the assistance of a veterinarian of course. The veterinarian will prescribe some cat food specifically formulated for maintenance. You might also want to buy some cat toys to keep him occupied. In the case of cats with special needs, cat care means a visit to the vet. There might be dietary changes and even medical care needed. In these cases, cat care is best done by someone who knows all about the pets' needs. For example, if a cat has urinary issues and they can't use the litter box on their own, they may need surgery. Kittens are another area that cat care involves (speaking of kittens, you should take a look at munchkin kitten ). To st

Cat Health Issues And What To Do About Them?

  It is important that you give your cat the appropriate vaccinations on a regular basis. These vaccinations will help your cat to fight off any bugs or disease which may invade its body. Two of the most important vaccinations against diseases affecting cats are rabies and feline leukemia/thrush. Rabies is easily spread among the cat population especially through bite wounds. Some cats get rabies from eating bats or contaminated objects which usually happens in the wild. It is advisable that you seek veterinary assistance for cat illness or injury at the first sign of any trouble. Most common cat illnesses can be diagnosed by a visit to the veterinarian. Many cats die each year at the hands of their owners due to simple conditions, without ever getting the proper medical attention. A trip to the veterinarian can save your cat's life, and it is often covered by insurance. Make sure that you keep up with your pet's annual shots, and remember that a cat does not need a yearly phys

Tips to Choose Cat Food

  The main ingredients in cat food products are meat, grains, and vegetable oils. Each of these items is used in a different way in different brands. Meat may be used to increase the protein level, or to add vitamins and minerals to the diet. Grains are used as an energy source and as a source of B vitamins. Vegetable oils are used to keep the cat healthy. Carrots, potatoes, beans, wheat, and other vegetables provide fiber to the diet, which helps your cat to have regular bowel movements. There are three main types of cat food. They are canned food, dry food, and even protein supplements. Each of these types of cat food has its own benefits and disadvantages. If you are considering purchasing any type of dry cat food, you should always read the labels to make sure that what you are purchasing is healthy for your cat. Most canned cat food is considered to be the best type of cat food. This is simply because it lasts longer. In addition, this type of cat food also offers the convenience

How to Choose a Toy For Your Cat?

  There are lots of different and fancy cat toys out there, but a particularly neat one to check out would be a good old-fashioned wooden wand toy. Wooden wands are very tactile and highly interactive, so they're great for a energetic play session which gets both you and your cat really moving. If you've ever had a cat on your lap, then you know exactly how much their keen eyes and ears can get used to a thing (any gadget or object) coming in closer. A wooden wand is a really fun way to start stimulating their senses and enjoy spending some time together. However, not all cat toys made from wood are as cuddly as they sound. Many reviewers like to compare the different types of wands they find out there, and the reviews seem to reflect this in terms of the type of feel and tightness of the actual product itself has. So which ones do the reviewers like best? The main factor that seems to be most favoring for all types of wooden cat toys, is the fact that they feel great on your h

How to Train a Cat - Tricks and Tips

  Cats do appreciate praise, so the more praise they get the more likely they'll try to repeat the behavior. Cats are logical creatures, so they process what they see as positive reinforcement. If you pet them and tell them they're good, they'll try to get you to repeat it. If you give them praise when they perform a desirable action, they'll want to do that again. Another tip on how to train a cat is to use your voice with your cat. Cats are very aware of sound, even of their own vocal cords. If you consistently and loudly praise them, they'll take notice and start to mimic what you're doing. If you want to train your cat to do something in particular, don't say it; just do it instead. When he tries to do it, he'll hear your encouragement and understand that if he attempts it, he will get rewarded. Eventually, he'll realize that doing the command successfully pleases you. In addition to praising your cat for performing the desired task, another help